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5 Ways To Maximise Your Nutrition

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult.

Here are 5 ways to maximise your nutrition without measuring, weighing or counting points!

  1. Prioritise your veg. All vegetables are amazing but leafy greens are the most nutritious option.
  2. Eat more protein. The best sources of protein are dairy, eggs, meat and fish
  3. Eat ‘tough’ cuts of meat, such as shin beef, lamb shanks. They come from the muscles on the animals that contain the greatest amount of connective tissue, which when slow cooked dissolves into gelatine. Gelatine aids digestion, it repairs the integrity of a damaged gut.
  4. Eat chicken drumsticks. The dark meat of a chicken contains more minerals than white.
  5. Always add good fats to your vegetables and protein. Fat is needed for proper protein assimilation. Never eat an egg white omelette. Always add good fats when you eat veggies so that you can properly absorb the essential vitamins A,E,D and K.