Who am I and what am I all about?

kate-arminWell my name is Kate Armin and I am a married mother of three beautiful daughters. I juggle work with the school run, cooking tea and walking the dog and I am passionate about getting people to exercise and live a healthier lifestyle.

I have always been an active, sporty person even through my teenage years and I kept working out all through my pregnancies. After having 2 daughters by the time I was 21, I turned my passion for working out into a career. This fitted in around my girls perfectly.

Then we had our third daughter when I was 26. After the pregnancy, I went straight back to teaching classes but something didn’t feel right. I was struggling to lose the baby weight despite doing everything right (or so I thought) and I was also incredibly tired, exhausted even.

It quickly became apparent that all this time I thought I was doing all the right things. Such as long, long, long sessions of cardio, staying away from weight training (for fear of bulking up), thinking that a diet coke was a healthy option, using low fat margarine, sweeteners, looking at the fat content of everything rather than how processed something is, eating lots of fruit (not that fruit is not healthy, it is but snacking on large quantities is not going to help your fat loss), missing the importance of relaxation and taking time out just for yourself. I was actually making myself fatter all while I thought I was being healthy.

I battled constant hunger, fluctuating hormones, exhaustion, poor sleep and feeling bloated and sluggish.

How could I turn this around?

I began changing the way I approached food and exercise and it changed my life so I wanted to pass the message on. Help others who are where I once was.

The thing is, most of us don’t love exercise, we have a social life and we’re juggling lots of things at once.

My goal is to create a place where you can come to get the most up to date information on healthy eating and exercise, get specific help from me and come and experience a live class with me.

We are made to believe that to lose weight and keep it off is hard to do. Something that requires hours in the gym, eating celery and carrot sticks and never touching an alcoholic drink again.

Well I want to bust that myth.

This is not about having a six pack and bulging biceps – it’s about finding a balance that’s achievable to us all.