Pilates workout aims to strengthen and condition the whole body in a balanced even way. There is a strong emphasis on core strength, posture, balance, stretching and wellbeing. Pilates is a non impact workout ideal if you are looking for a class to condition and stretch the body, without lots of impact. Pilates will improve your posture, balance and core strength. It will also reduce stress and ease tight and stiff muscles.

Mapplewell Village Hall, Mapplewell, S75 6AL

£30 for 5 sessions in a 5 week block
or £20 for 3 sessions in a 5 week block.
Contact me for the start dates of the next block.


Metabolic Effect Workout

Metabolic Effect workout is a rest based workout. The idea behind the workout is you push till you can’t then rest until you can. The class can raise your resting metabolic rate (that’s the rate at which you burn calories and fat at rest by up to 21% up to 48hrs after the workout is over) The class uses a combination of dumbbells, high intensity moves and your own body weight. The class is suitable for many levels and abilities because you work at your own pace and rest when you choose.

St John’s Parish Hall, Mapplewell, S75 6GU

£5 Pay As You Train
or £16 for a 4 week block.
Contact me for the start dates of the next block.