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How To Avoid A Weekend Blow Out

The weekend doesn’t have to mean falling off the wagon with your diet. Here are my top 3 weekend damage limitation tips so you can avoid a weekend blow out!

1. Workout

Do a HIIT workout first thing. Just a 10 minute workout will do, why not use the 10 minute workout from the blog.

2. When you go out

I know you probably don’t want to hear it but remember booze is sugar and will stop your body from burning fat so DRIVE or drink triple distilled Vodka or Gin (drink it with soda and a slice of lemon). The mixers are always high in sugar so go easy on them.

3. Be aware of the beer munchies and the buffet

a) Eat before you go out


b) If you are eating out don’t panic. Stick to salad, meat and veggies (anyone who has done my 21 day plan will know my restaurant recommendations, there are loads of options you can have and still keep on track).

If you do fall off the wagon then tomorrow is another day. Accept it. Learn from it – what was the trigger?

Move on without beating yourself up about it. No worries it’s all good. Stay strong and committed to your heath, body, mind and well being. Be kind to yourself and look after yourself. Don’t let saboteurs spoil your amazing efforts.