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My Top 3 Super FoodsNot all foods are created equal!

Try my top 3 super foods, below, to really boost your health!

  1. Coconut oil- naturally cholesterol-free, coconut oil is heart-healthy, and although it is naturally sugar free it tastes sweet. It’s also arguably the best oil for frying stuff as it’s slower to oxidise so it’s less damaged and chemically altered by heat during frying. Some research has even shown coconut oil can help you lose weight. But best of all, it tastes yummy.It’s not cheap but a little goes a long way. Buy the solid stuff, raw stuff that comes in a jar, not only can you cook with it but you can add it to shakes, put some in your porridge and even use it on your skin and hair. You can buy this from most supermarkets now, Holland & Barrett, Amazon, EBay and all independent health- food shops.
  2. Eggs– These little beauties are often deemed nature’s ‘perfect food’ as they provide highly available protein as well as all the essential and non-essential amino acids, not to mention vitamins A,E, and K as well as some of the B vitamins. Make sure you buy the organic free range eggs. Research has shown that free range eggs contain up to 20x more omega 3 than eggs from caged hens.
  3. Cinnamon- Some research has shown that as little as half a tsp of cinnamon every day can help curb cravings for sweet stuff, help reduce blood sugar levels and lower insulin resistance. As well as its fab anti-sugar benefits, this lovely spice has all loads of other benefits: it’s thought to ease menstrual cramps, relieve congestion and help digestion. Plus it tastes gorgeous either stirred into a cup of coffee with a little milk or sprinkled over full fat organic natural yogurt or in porridge.